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Sharing some pictures of a salon & spa. The interiors are simple, yet elegant & beautiful…
Very impressed with all the walls…. be it wall sticker or lighting…
Impressed with the attention to detail ..
Dont you feel like spending a day here??

Project completed by Vistaar Associates who beleive in providing innovative solutions… And I feel… have rightfully done so!!

I just love décor that is simplistic & minimalistic…. yet has so much attitude and character in it. I’m sure you will agree with me… once you look at the pics below –

I’ve written about Sweta and her Simple & Stunning style.

Vistaar Associates are an architecture & interior design firm, with a vision of improving the quality of life through influencing our everyday surroundings.
Here she has given a facelift to an existing living space. The building & the house is about 15 years old, so the challenge was primarily in giving it an absolutely new look, yet keeping in mind that the appeal had to be timeless.

This installation is a long corridor leading to the bedrooms. The partition gives the bedroom privacy and at the same time provides the room with much required character. This is done in MDF and is back lit. The partition obviously can be opened up from behind for repair and changing the lights.

The bar is the only existing unit. She gave this a face lift by installing shutters.

The built in seating near the dining area saves space and is used for storage beneath. What a fabulous idea!!! Splendid!

Here is a picture of how the space looked before. Yes!! This is the same window… Are you as shocked as me??
The first arch is what she closed off from top to make the bar space and the second arch is where the ‘installation’ is. What do you think??

Vistaar Associates are an architecture & interior design firm, with a vision of improving the quality of life through influencing our everyday surroundings.

Shewta is an architect based in Hyderabad, with an eye for uniqueness. Her designs strive to achieve balance, functionality, simplicity and yet are visually stimulating.

The home featured here is redesigned by Vistaar Associates for a young, fun loving, outgoing couple and their 2 kids. Keeping this in mind, the design included separate formal spaces for entertaining that were minimal yet functional enough to be kept clean at all times.

The bar & dining area. Check out the ceiling…

The home also has a cozy living area where the whole family could just lounge around.

You’ve got to have a look at the partitions in the living room. Here the idea was to ensure that the glass is not totally see through. Hence textured glass was used with fabric !! What a great idea??!!

The living room continues the same sea blue dreamy feel…. The dark wood is the unifying theme here… Oh.. Dont miss the blinds!

For this project they reused and recycled and made best use of everything they could.

The old cabinets, old doors got a change of skin. Old furniture got a facelift and infact most of the furniture like centre tables, side tables etc in the formal drawing room were made from ply from old cabinet shutters, etc. Now isn’t that functionality!! Here is a picture of the renovated main door.

In some cases, the central portion was cut open and glass or fabric added. Check out the wardrobe in the master bedroom, a deep red woven bannana fibre is used here.

Look at the before and after pictures… they are absolutely stunning.

As for me… the functionality & colours truly inspired me… what about you??

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